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Abstract photography is a visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition. I believe it is like a POETRY whose linguistic grammar is not properly followed.


Studio S is a one stop design and print studio where designs come to life in many forms. Be it gifting ideas for friends and family or corporate gifting Studio S is adept at offering solutions..


This mask is made from special thick PAPER and includes teo woven adjustable elastic bands for a comfortable, yet SAFE fit. It is available presently in two sizes, ideal for male or female. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a medical or surgical grade mask. It is NOT intended for any medical uses whatsoever. It is simple , biodegradeble paper face mask designed for everyday use to cover your mouth and nose when out in public. This mask should not be used in any medical or surgical setting

About Us

We make ART accessible, affordable and relevant to all!

‘ART FOR ALL’. aims to provide inexpensive original art to first time buyers. We moved towards giving high quality canvas prints to the masses. is my passion come true. Here we will be showcasing all forms of art and wall décor and other useful items. Our present bank of designs will be available to use on various products!

We make our initial foray by introducing India’s first, paper based, and environment friendly face mask! A timely introduction as from recovering (not now but definitely in the future) from COVID 19 we are on the path of environment disaster. The volume of plastic, polyester, fabric based PPE kits being disposed will soon be causing us to pay a HUGE price in form of damage to our beloved planet!

We dedicate this Face Mask to helping our mother Earth!